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Sorting tools/weapon/armor

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Alloa! So I'm working on a big sorting machine on my server, I just finished the IndustrialCraft part of the machine and now I'm working on the RedPower part and I think I understand fairly well how sorting machines works, excepts for items with a "durability"... What I'd like to do is have all my weapons/armor and other item with a durability sent to an alchemical chest with a Talisman of Repair in it. The sorting machine works fine if the item is brand new but as soon as it started losing any durability it gain a new ID value and is no longer sorted, so all the tools I actually want to send in the alchemical chest end up in the misc chest! Is there a way to make this work or if tools just can't get sorted at all?

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I'm just test running it right now so no I didn't put the buffer but it wouldn't really change anything as I'm just trying it with one tool at a time anyway, it really has to do with the item ID and I'm starting to wonder if maybe it's just because he was using an older version of Tekkit where durability didn't change your item ID or something of the sort? Like for example the wooden pickaxe is ID 270 when new, its ID 270:1 after one block ID 270:2 after two block etc. so if I put a brand new Wooden pickaxe it will only sort a brand new wooden pickaxe with the ID 270 and ignore the one with ID 270:1 =/

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