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Modpack textures keep breaking



I just redownloaded Technic Launcher so I could play Tekkit Classic again. Downloaded the latest version (3.1.2),  but when I get into the world and start digging and moving all the textures break, the animals are black my inventory flashes in and out. I tried reinstalling the pack and it does the same thing. I don't have any texture packs or extra modpacks installed fresh installation from Technic Launcher, but it does the same thing when i try to use the Sphax tp.  I have Windows Offline 64-bit version of java installed and have allocated 6gb of ram to the modpack. This also follows into the title screen. When I launch initially the title screen is fine but after I leave the world the title screen goes gray as well. I only have Tekkit Classic, Tekkit and Tekkit 2 installed currently and this happens on both Tekkit Classic and Tekkit. Theres a photo below I couldn't add more because of the file size cap. Sorry if I didnt give all the right info wasn't sure what else I should add. Any help is greatly appreciated.

MC Screenshot 1.1.png

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