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Allocating more than 16gigs of ram.

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Hello, I’m tired of scrolling through pages of 10 year old forums so I’m making one myself. 

I’m running the gigantic 1.12.2 mod pack. I have 64 gigs of ram. When playing with the F3 menu up my world will literally go to 90% ram used then freeze and go back down to 50%. This mod pack, while walking alone uses around 8 gigs of ram let alone when it has to load dungeons. she needs more allocated. In the tekkit launcher I’ve even put the “-XX:+UnlockExperimentalVMOptions” and I’ve tried “-Xmx24576M” and “-Xms24576” to get 24gigs and she simply won’t go past 16. 

Is it even possible for the launcher to allocate more than 16gigs? I’m not trying to go down to a smaller modpack because that’s lame. I have a super computer and the launcher is LIMITING me. Please help

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