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Technic Launcher Crashes While Loading Minecraft (Unclear Cause)

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I've been trying to play the Ultra Modded Survival modpack by endermedia, but the game keeps crashing on the loading screen. Initially the console said Optifine was causing compatibility issues, so I deleted Optifine and launched the pack again. The launcher crashed again in the same spot (The log ends in the same spot minus the Optifine message) and I can't tell what caused the issue this time.

I reinstalled the Java version I was using (Oracle 1.8.0_411 64-Bit) and tried a different version linked in another thread (Oracle 1.8.0_251 64-Bit) and had the same issue both times. I have the RAM set to 3.5 GB (the pack asked for 3 GB but changing it to that didn't fix the issue either). I couldn't see a clear reason at the end of the log for the crash.

I have attached the crash report of the launch with and without Optifine.

(With Optifine) crash-2024-06-30_23.43.07-client.txt (Without Optifine) crash-2024-06-30_23.57.16-client.txt

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