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Power seems to be very glitchy


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I have been playing around on voltz for a bit and have noticed a few odd things with the generators. It seems that at times they will continue to generate energy ever after they have run out of fuel.

I first noticed this with hydrogen generators but it seems to happen with nuclear as well. With hydrogen generators when I hook them up to a battery box or a mffs extractor it uses up all the energy stored and continually sends it to its destination. It does not seem to have a limit and will only stop sending power if you mess with the setup.

I was also wondering if it is possible to get more out of your reactor without just adding more turbines. I estimated that it take about 6k for each piece or 10 KiloWatts per a tick(or what ever time measurement it uses) and with 3 needed for 1 rod it doesn't seem to be very beneficial.

I will do more research into it but if anyone has any ideas or thought I would love to hear them.

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