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Multiple Steel Dust, Steel Ingot, Steel Block/Block of Steel Recipes


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EDIT: I am unable to post/relocate this in the bugs forum. If a moderator could relocate this there, it would be appreciated.

Original message: Did the steel dust (not refined steel dust) recipe get changed in Mekanism 5.0.7? It used to be iron ingot with N/S/E/W coal/charcoal. This recipe no longer creates steel dust and the steel dust recipe is no longer available with NEI. Well, to be accurate, the recipes shown are just breakdowns of steel to steel dust, but none are there that shows how to create steel dust.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Solved. Found that you can also make steel dust with the Metallurgic Infuser using Compressed Carbon and Enriched Iron.

EDIT: Not solved. There are two different steel ingots. One is needed for the Steel Block recipe while the other is needed for the Block of Steel recipe. Multiple recipes for steel dust and the steel block/block of steel is highly confusing and can be very costly if you choose the incorrect one.

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I assume that other one of the steel ingots you're referring to is Railcraft's steel, which is made from the netherish blast furnace. I say just use the steel created from the respective mod to be used in crafting that mod's items/blocks. My guess is that Mechanism's steel is used more widely.

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Actually, you bring up a third steel ingot that is in the pack. Which adds to the confusion. There is no "used more widely..." There is only "what you are building." The steel ingots are not interchangeable between the individual mods. The steel ingot in Mekanism is not available in 5.0.7, and thus, the recipes that require the Mekanism specific steel ingot are also not available.

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