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Just a couple questions


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I started running a Tekkit Lite server for me and a couple friends, but I ran into a couple issues. Minor issues they seem, but they can appear to be much of an annoyance to us and me in particular. First of all..

  • I'm unable to place blocks down unless if I mark someone as an OP -- I tried to search the internet in regards to this problem and I all had was 'You're most likely playing in adventure mode'. I'm quite sure that I'm not running this on adventure mode as I have the number '0' in my server properties. So.. what in the world is going on? D:>
  • In regards to the first question; I'm wondering that if I set somebody as an OP will they have access to creative mode? I'm running a pure survival server and I know that one particular asshole (yet nice) friend of mine would take advantage of that 'non-survival' mode.
  • Villagers.. is there someway where I can make them untouchable? or their items? or just them in particular? This is not much of an issue, but rather just safe-keeping just in case that one person I mention above decides to be a prankster and ignore everyone else's opinion on the value of 'testificates'.
  • Fourth and final question. This is more of a fun-like question and more out of curiosity than everything. I understand that Minecraft servers will now be possibly be a tad easier to mod? What will this mean for the possible future of Tekkit Lite =D? and are there any neat little pluggins available right now?

I must personally thank you if you took your precious time to read this and I'll leave you off with a bit of information regarding my private server: It's running on Hamachi as of now and if that's much of a problem I can change that, but it shouldn't be (at least I hope); and it's practically a small private server that mostly ten people will ever use at once.

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