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[0.5.1]Nafanya Region[PvP][20 slots]Free-for-All Mess


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Server IP: justyakov.net:25565

Did you ever want to go to a server where the rules suit you? Or where the gestapo isn't monitoring your every step? Or simply a server that's being kept by the owner as a pet project/joke rather than srsbusiness?


Well you're in luck, because this server is exactly for you! It has no rules (yet), no protections (yet), and no idea where it's heading (yet).

This server has spectacular specs! With a Pentium 4 processor and 1.5GB of RAM, it will surely run decently and laglessly[sic]!

With the exception of fire, some kinds of TNT, and IC coins, if you can craft it, you can use it!

Join today and run around aimlessly killing other players for no reason. It's free, it's open, and the only thing that can kill you is you (or a mob (or a player (or anything for that matter))).

(More info coming soon, honestly)

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I apologize for what happened this afternoon, whereby I was (physically) moving the server and accidentally unplugged it from the socket. Everything is back online now and, hopefully, I'll get around installing Bukkit soon.

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