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[TB] ScourgeCraft [PvE/PvP][100 slots][DivineRPG,ThaumCraft,Metallurgy 2,TwlightForest,DamageIndic]

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Scourgecraft is a lot of things in one. We are an RPG server that brings Minecrafters together in all different aspects. Want to just get some friends and destroy some crazy bosses? Done! Want to get some friends together and kill others? Sure! We support it all! Want to just build in a protected area and avoid contact? Of course! We do it all. We so many mods, and features it takes months to go through everything you can do! Founded by one of Technic's best, Sct, this server has been around for ages and had thousands if unique players! Come give us a shot! Follow how to join guide below!


ScourgeCraft uses the latest and baddest launcher ever created by Technic! With its great abilities we are able to bring daily updates to all mods and even beta test new mods with players! We love its features. Below is a list of mods we are currently using!

  • Better Storage
  • Asgard Shield
  • Backpack
  • BibloCraft
  • Custom NPCs
  • Divine RPG
  • Damage Indicators
  • Dungeon Pack
  • ExtraBIomes
  • Infernal Mobs
  • Metallurgy
  • Meteors Mod
  • HarvestCraft
  • Project Zulu
  • Quests
  • Soul Shards
  • Thaumcraft
  • Twlight Forest
  • Wild Caves

ScourgeCraft runs a variety of plugins to enhance each players experience on the server. The plugins we currently run are listed below:

  • iEconomy

  • Towny
  • Dynmap
  • HawkEye

  • Chest Shops

  • LWC (Chest Protection)

  • WorldBorder


Joining us is very easy. Just follow the guide found here

here and your ready to go! 5 Simple steps!

We also have a detailed guide for joining the server available by

clicking here.

Just login and start playing! We suggest you read our

FAQ & Rules section to avoid breaking the law!

Server Address: play.scourgecraft.net

Website: http://www.scourgecraft.net

Join Guide: http://www.scourgecraft.net/threads/how-to-join.3624/

Server Rules: http://www.scourgecraft.net/threads/scourgecraft-rpg-information-and-faq-thread.3621/

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Yes love the server and people, they have been running for a long time as a no tekkit server so they know how to keep the server running smooth, but now with tekkit it is amazing! The staff are friendly and kind but won't let a griefer get past them. Strong PVPers but plenty of safe havens for new PVPers!

It is a rolling stone and by stone I mean a large mass of refined iron polished to ship shape.

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