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[3.1.2] DQCraft [PvE] [48 Slot] [Canon Travel] [Game Town]


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Address: dqcraft.dyndns.org:22222


No Griefing

No Stealing

No Bullying

No Racism

Banned Items:


Catalytic Lens

Destruction Catalyst

Evertide Amulet

Infernal Armor

Abyss Helmet

Harvest Goddess Band

Mercurial Eye

Ring of Arcana

Watch of Flowing Time

Volcanite Amulet

Red Matter Morning Star

World Anchor

Hyperkinetic Lens


The server is quite basic when it comes to plugins. Cannon travel is a VERY fun way to get around. Street Lamps make the place look nicer at night, other than that there is just the basics. The server is protected using Core Protect and Grief Prevention.

There is also Game Town which will be explained below.

The Server

The server has been around for nearly two years now. Originally running on an awful PC in my kitchen, it is now fully hosted and runs 24/7 (barring any disasters!). We welcome newbies and Tekkit experts alike. All are welcome and we have helpful staff for anyone that needs some tips.

Join, build, hang out. DQCraft is a friendly place to build wherever you like (as long as it doesn't encroach on other peoples areas). For extra fun there is Game Town. Have the Canon fire you over and you will find Bomberman, Battleships, Spleef, Paintball and THE DEATH CUBE!!!

You do not need to be white listed in order to connect to the server but you do need to be whitelisted in order to dig/build. You can request here, on the server, or on the forums at http://dqcraft.enjin.com/forum

You can see our dynmap at http://dqcraft.dyndns.org:44444

Come and check us out :)

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I don't know if your still accepting people but if so I would be interested in joining your server. I've just gotten kinda tired of playing tekkit by myself and want to try playing with a community so we can work together and make awesome builds.

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