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[3.1.2]RGN Tekkit[PvP-PvE][24 slots][Limited EE][Factions - Multi-Verse]


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Here at RGN Tekkit we wanna have a fun community based Tekkit server! We had an old tekkit server back then named RVN Tekkit was a hit! Now RGN has brought it back to life and with alot more features! Back to the server we try to provide the best experience for our players!

* Our Server has ranks to learn more about them visit our website *

Server Rules + SPECS

Website: www.RavGaming.com

Specs: 3GB Ram - 24/7 - Dedicated Host - 1GB Uplink

Name: RGN Tekkit

Server IP:

Server Rules

  • NO Griefing
  • NO Exploiting bugs
  • NO disrespecting other members
  • Give other people space to build!
  • No duping
  • No asking for ranks





Time Zone:

Little about you:


  • DM/RM Axe (DM is craftable at rank Trusted)
  • DM/RM Hammer
  • DM/RM Pickaxe
  • DM/RM Shears
  • DM/RM Shovel
  • Mining Laser ( Trusted + rank only)
  • Dark Matter Pedestal
  • Work Cart
  • Automatic Crafting Table (Dupe)
  • Gem Armor
  • Cannon
  • Howler Alarm
  • Quantom Armor ( Donator ONLY)
  • All Rings
  • Red Katar
  • Red Morningstar
  • Destruction Catalyst
  • Hyperkinetic Lens
  • Catalytic Lens
  • Nova Catalyst
  • Nova Cataclysm
  • MK 2/3 Collectors
  • Divining Rod III

Spawn Zone



Spawn area


Item Exchanger

- Energy condenser

- Other stuffs that are restricted


PUB chill and relax




Tomb of death!


Paintball Arena


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Hello! Two apps for you...

Name/Nickname: Griff, Diger

IGN: Griffwolf and digeridude

Age: We are both 28

Time Zone: East coast, USA.

Little about you: We are best friends who are looking for a small community to play Tekkit on. We just want a place to build a factory and learn tekkit that's on a dedicated server!

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IGN: jefflores96

Age: 17

Time Zone: West Coast, USA

Little About Me: I am aware that I have previous bans, I am not going to make excuses I made mistakes and I have had my fun. Fly hacking was fun and I enjoyed flying around at first but I have since matured and seen the wrong in it. Those bans are from 2 years ago as well. Since then I have dedicated my time on Minecraft as a serious player I am currently Mod of a minecraft server. I will gladly answer any question and show the server I moderate, just private message me. I would love to be able to be a part of your server
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Age:13 But I'm Really Mature

Time Zone:EST

Little about you:I have played Tekkit for awhile. Watching YouTube videos and playing. Now I am looking for a nice community y I can play with. I think that your server is the one I've been looking for.

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