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Well after a lot of calculations with a calculator..

Emc of LHC is betwen 34 and 50 million emc.

Its worth about 7 stacks of diamond blocks

You need to get over 9000 ores (heres how much:)

About 5000 bronce

About 5888 of each piece of motors

Thats abot 14000 total (a lot of other stuff)

So making a LHC is very expencive.

(LHC: large hadron collider.)

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There isn't really an optimal size: the bigger (and more expensive) the collider gets, the less electricity that's needed to generate anti-matter.

You might be thinking about the minimum size that's required to do so, though. I'm not sure about that yet, but it's pretty big. Also, since you need copper wires to make motors (for all those electromagnets), you're going to need a lot of leather.

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