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Released - Hack/Mine Teleport Mod


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What is it?

It's a mod for Hack/Mine that adds a "Teleport" button to the game menu.


When playing with friends, it kinda stinks having to retype someone's username to catch up with them when something interesting is going on.


- Hack/Mine 0.5.3

- "/tp" permission on the server for users wanting to use the mod. Since there aren't any permission mods available for H/M to my knowledge, you'll have to add these users to your op.txt.

How to Install

Download the zip file. Extract the ky.class and GuiTeleport.class into your client minecraft.jar. If you are using the Technic Launcher, copy the files into ".techniclauncher\hackslashmine\bin\modpack.jar" in the Technic cache.

There are no server jar modifications needed, you only need to make sure the users that have the mod installed in their clients also have access to the "/tp" command on your server.

If you're savvy enough, you can package this into your own modpack.jar to ship in a custom zip for the Technic Launcher to share with people playing on your server.




GuiTeleport.java - http://pastebin.com/rVNDPzQs

ky.java - http://pastebin.com/LkNngSQe


GuiTeleport.java is Apache 2, just put me some credit in there somewhere. ky.class is a modified version of source code found in H/M 0.5.3, which is bound by the terms found packaged with the release.

How did you build it?

So this took some time. Can't use MCP because it's patching blows up on the modified minecraft.jar. Had to use JD-GUI to extract the decompiled source out of the modpack.jar that ships with the Technic Launcher. Then, a lot of guesswork staring at the obfuscated code to find the right methods/members to call. Compiled with JDK 1.6 against the Technic H/M minecraft.jar & modpack.jar.

Anything else?

Hack/Mine is fun! Access to the source/build setup would be awesome!

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