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The Caverns - Tekkit Let's Play - A Unique Landscape

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Hello everyone!

My name is TainMarr, and welcome to, The Caverns. This is a weekly Tekkit Let's Play series that is posted every Tuesday and Thursday. The series is based around the mysterious Caverns that I have happened upon and plan to fully explore, build contraptions in and around, and plunder all of it's gigantic resource deposits. Chances are you've never seen a map like this so you won't want to miss it! Come over to Borderless Gaming(Channel) and check out, The Caverns(Playlist)!


I also have a series called

Minecraft in the Morning(Playlist) if you want to kick back and relax. And a series called Ursa Miner(Playlist) showcasing my adventures on a whitelisted vanilla snapshot server.

Thanks for checking us out!



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