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Removing ForgeEssentials


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Ya, so...

Apparently everyone's quite pissed about FE (crashbugs, the odd "i fucked my world" bit, etc.) so as a temp fix I'm writing this guide for removing FE until we can get something done...

  1. DELETE the FEdata folder in your world folder, and the ForgeEssentials folder in your server folder.
  2. Go into /coremods and delete ForgeEssentials-core- THIS IS REQUIRED!!!
  3. Optionally, go into /mods and delete ForgeEssentials-modules-
  4. Grab BukkitForge as detailed in this thread: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/how-to-get-bukkit-plugins-to-work-on-tekkit-lite.34804/ (Not supported by us)
  5. Have fun.

P.S. Technic dev team:

Can you please remove FE from the pack, until the 21st of January at least? We're still under beta testing and it doesn't help in the least if your users start coming in and expecting a completed product...

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