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NubbyCraft: [No lag][Great staffs][80 slots][PvP/PvE][dedicated ram][8gb ram][Bukkit][Plugins]


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On this server, we try to help our players as much as possible and try to have fun doing it. We don't ban anyone unless we have valid proof with our reason. We (Staff) will respect every new member unless they give us a reason not to so everything is fair. The main purpose for this server is so that new players (and old) can come together and enjoy the tekkit experience.

Have Fun!


1.Respect all staffs and member

2.Be respectful

3.Be polite

4.No duplicating

5.No asking for staff

6.No asking staffs or donaters for items

7.No spamming

8.No advertisement

9.No asking for op

Staff Ranks:








- BukkitForge

- Essentials

- Permissionsex

- Simple Restart


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Well. i joined the server made a village named treestump village i got 14 people to join i so sccessful i of thought asking for a rank. then some more people ask to join i led them to the village then they killed me my friend online they giefed my village and stole and trolled they spamed rude things and cuss words. now what? can i still ask for that rank?

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