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[Help] How to modify Tekkit in a new modpack.

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I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section, i wouldent find a better one.

Basicly I want to run a tekkit server but with additional mods. It would be nice if we can just create a modpack just for our server. I tryed to start by just copying tekkit files to the modpack but thats not working, so i havn't even got the chanse to add mods yet.

How can i copy Tekkit so it has 2 folders. Being the normal "tekkit" folder and "custom1"?

( I'm new to these types of games as far as modding, so plz be a bit specific, thx =) )


Perhaps theres a way where i can run tekkit as mods in minecraft like the old version, where i edit my .minecraft folder instead of using the launcher.

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