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[3.1.2] TheTekkit.tk SERVER [15 SLOTS] [Firendly] [No PvP] [NO-GRIEF] [SHOP]

William Elsender

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Hi guys

I would like to invite you to my Tekkit server

As in the the title we are a small, (15 Slot) server with a shop plugin.

Griefing is not allowed as we are a friendly server, Greifers will be banned, without exception!

We are Whitelisted and our sever is automatically backed up hourly and saved to our VPS.

TeamSpeak server for the people feeling sociable.

We have regular players in the UK and the US so we have a few players on most of the time.

If you think this server could be for you, head over to our forum and fill out our whitelist application.


IP :


Simple.... [No Griefing!!! Be sensible]







World Guard

World Edit

I think we have all that is needed for a fun chilled out server.... a forum for members to talk about almost anything, Teamspeak to chat with fellow gamers and most importantly, a fun server!! :D

Hope to see you soon

Good Luck and Have Fun

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Hi people im just looking for a nice friendly server to play on build stuff and help out when needed ive been playing tekkit for awhile now but still learning :) im 25 years old so mature and respectful and would like to be whitelisted on your server thanks IGN alanh1987

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