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Plugin Issues!


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Okay so i've been working on a server for just over a week and it's been successful on the most part, ive got a few minor bugs (I can fix these alone, just takes time to get my finger out haha) The major ones however have me confused!

The first thing i need to add is:

EE items usage, for example the Swiftwolf's Rending Gale & Watch of Flowing time, I want the users to be able to fly but not zap other players when its raining, as for the Watch its used for a recipe but i don't want players to be able to change the time, I currently used TekkitCustomizer and added both to Usage banned, this didn't help at all D: Any suggestions/links for plugins that may solve this?

My second bug is a restricted condensable list, I've seen it done before so i know its possible, I just want to make it so Dragon Eggs aren't condensable (As the End world is reset once every month so it becomes more competitive) Suggest plugins?

The final error im having is with Votifier (Yes it is for 1.2.5, correct version, etc.) Basically, bukkits listeners are ALL outdated or impossible to find, I've searched for ages through multiple forums and non of them work.. All i want is Votifier to work, and when a vote is added, it does two console commands:

/say {Name} has voted! Here are your claimblocks!

/adjustbonusclaimblocks {Name} 100

^ This gives the player 100 claim blocks using the GriefPrevention plugin, don't link me to bukkits listener list or votifier page as they are useless..

Thanks in advance!

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