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[3.1.2] Scorpion-Gaming! [PvP] [200 slots] [iConomy, Towny, Auctions] [EE Enabled] [NoLag]


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The Slightly More Ultimate Tekkit Experience! - Dedicated Server - 200 Slots - 24/7!


http://scorpion-gaming.in - Server I.P: tekkit.scorpion-gaming.in

We're Rocking the Tekkit Version 3.1.2, it's pretty sweet!


When I first joined minecraft, and still to this day, the lack of servers which can sustain uptime whilst simultaneously having a great, fun and friendly community with a load of features, was very annoying. Day in day out, until I found Scorpion-Gaming, I would be joining and leaving servers. Scorpion-Gaming not only has a team of great staff members, who are always willing to help. It is owned by experienced minecraft owners, all assigned to different tasks. Not forgetting our brilliant community! What's better? Our server, hosted in France, home to some of the fastest connections - it's using an Intel Xeon E3 Processor with a clock speed of 3.4 GHz, 32GB of DDR3 RAM, 2 x 120GB SSD's. In other words, it's good. Very good.

We've hosted multiple Tekkit and Minecraft servers, it was only when we got our first sponsor, that we managed our first big server, it was only from there that we started growing. In fact, on our last Tekkit server, we got more than 130 people on our server! One of our biggest achievements, we were proud! Hopefully, with our new server, we can beat that record, and get more people on then ever. On our first minecraft servers, we could only host with multiplay game servers, and had up to 8 and 12 slots on them! When we filled up those, it was good, think how good it is to have 130 people on after that!

Like the story so far? Want to stay on our 24/7 server, well, you've made the right choice!


Good question. What is so good about Scorpion-Gaming? Why not go and join another server from the deluxe list? If you're doubting us, here are some of the features we roll on this server:

  • Full Working Economy - Auctions - Shops - Banks
  • EE Enabled, we like to keep Tekkit, Tekkit.
  • Towny
  • Bounty System (Ensure the death of a player by giving the killer money). **Coming Soon**
  • Lag Free
  • Fully Customised Events Worlds in-game, with minigames ready to play!
  • Grief Protection
  • And more..

We're constantly adding more fun things to do, and listening to our community so we can optimise current plugins, and add more features. Everything listed above are some of our favourite fun features which we love to use (psst.. especially no lag!), and our full working economy, is especially useful at all times. Enjoy!


Scorpion-Gaming always has had nice Staff and members on it, I'll firstly, introduce you to the Owners: Richard, Jordan, Fin, Jason and Alex. As I'm writing this post, all the Owners are working very hard, that's all of us but Jason, he's drunk, but still working... If you want to hear our beautiful voices, feel free to check out our Youtube: http://youtube.com/mcscorpiongaming! We come on the computers nearly every day, and are prepared to come on the server and be nice, for once. Secondly, the staff, we ensure that all our staff welcome the members to the server when possible, and help everybody possible. If you find a moderator not working well, make sure to tell us and we'll give them a good beating! And last but not least, our members, or you, hopefully! You are not forced to say hi to anyone, but we like to think that all our members are having a fun time, and if anybody irritates you, you can just tell a moderator to help you with your fun gameplay. We always accept that some people dislike our server, however, we think that very few people will!


A really irritating thing about servers is ranking up, sometimes, it can be really hard. Of course, not everyone can rank up extremely fast, but if you want to make your friends cry and show them who's boss, then here's how to go about it:

  • Follow rules, listed below in the "rules" section.
  • Try to work hard, and help people where you can.
  • Try to stay on as much as possible, or you probably won't get promoted! Be loyal!
  • Also, for the first rank, it's easier to subscribe to our youtube (we insist you watch as well).
  • Talk to people, be friendly, kind, and not evil.

Follow these steps, and you'll be on the yellow brick road, and off to see the next rank, the wonderful next rank. That didn't work did it?


Protection Stones is probably one of the most useful features, if you don't know what it is already, it simply protects a certain region that we have configured, the "stone" is a minecraft block.

The blocks and regions are as follows:

  • Coal Ore - 11 blocks x 11 blocks!
  • Lapis Ore - 21 blocks x 21 blocks!
  • Diamond Ore - 41 blocks x 41 blocks!

You will start in game you will automatically get coal ore, ready for protection. If you're reading this, you're at an advantage, you won't throw it away!


Wait! Don't scroll away so soon! The lonely, yellow button sitting in the corner of every webpage gets annoying, right? But, without donations, we can no longer run our awesome server. We are running the buycraft plugin, allowing 3 different packages for you too choose from, we are not asking for much. The packages are between £5 - £20, and you can contact an owner for a custom amount. If you plan on buying, you do it in game. There are various reasons for you to want to donate. Firstly, you keep our server running, with your help, you could keep the server going up. Secondly, you get benefits, for each package, there are different perks, the more money, the better and more fun you can have! And thirdly, money doesn't go to us, it only goes towards server related purchases.

We are not forcing you by any means to donate, this is just a little message to show how you could help our server keep going.


You need to follow these if you don't to be told off, I highly recommend you do, unless you're drunk, don't even bother:

  • No Griefing!
  • No Stealing!
  • No Spamming!
  • No Offensive Language!
  • No Hacking!

These rules apply to everyone, standard members, Staff and Donators, you can still get banned if you break the rules. Phew, wasn't that hard now was it?


One of the epic Owners, Alex, built us this incredible spawn:






Scorpion-Gaming does not currently own any other servers, however, when we have 100% sorted the Tekkit server out, we will be introducing a hunger games server. It will be set up with in a week, if we decide to cancel this, or change ideas, this area will be removed or edited.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you on the server,


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