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Tekkit Lite Adventures With Fozzik and Dancerfool


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Hey, forum.

Just thought I ought to tell you guys about me and Fozzik's Let's Play. We've been Tekkit/Technic players for a long while, and after our latest world got corrupted, we thought we'd start a new world in Tekkit Lite, since it just came out.

Me and him have been playing Tekkit for a long time, so we'll teach you along the way, but also be learning ourselves, since we've never played extensively with Factorization or any of the new mods. I'll sort of be a tutorial, but not specifically, so while you'll watch us do it and we may explain certain things, we won't get far into it, if you're more of a Let's Play fan.

Also, we both started rival factories, and then didn't get far before a merger. Who knows? There may be a return for the rival factories in the near future. If any of you want to see the factories, or have a suggestion for what the factories should make, comment either on this thread or on the Youtube video- we'll probably respond either way.



Lastly, as always, critique. Our vids always need help being their best, and the only way we'll know what the best is is from our viewers. Again, comment on either the video or here, I'll probably respond. Hope you guys like the video!

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