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Technic Tutorials With Dancerfool


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Hey, forum!

So I'm Dancerfool- this is a tutorial for Dancerfool, but a survival tutorial, so you can play along and build stuff with me. What I do is I don't give tutorials for the vanilla stuff, I assume you know how to do that and move on with the Technic Tutorial, the more complicated stuff.

I'm going to go over everything in the Technic pack at the current time, one by one- I'll go over IC2 to start, just to process materials, and then Buildcraft, to move the materials, and EE, just to help create more of whatever I need. Those 3 are the base mods I always start with, but afterwards I'll start experimenting. Once I have a ton of resources, I'll be able to show you everything in Railcraft, or the smaller, less-known mods. Eventually, I'll reach Thaumcraft, since it appears to be the most complicated.


Sidenote, if you watch the videos and don't see me making machines, it's because this screengrab is from Tutorial episode 3, which will go live on Tuesday, as per schedule.


Oh, and my partner, Fozzik, is sick, and has all the footage for the other episodes, so as soon as he get's better, we'll post the other videos that haven't gone up as scheduled.

Lastly, critique as always. I'm personally pretty new to Youtube, and I don't know how my videos are in your eyes, so I need you to tell me. Comment any suggestions or concerns either on this thread or on either of the tutorial videos, and I'll get you an answer ASAP- you're really what I need to know how I'm doing. Hope you guys enjoy the videos!

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