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help installing/ updating mods for tekkit server

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Hello all

I'm currently hosting a Tekkit 2.1.1 server and was wondering if it was possible to add new mods to the server.

Is there a tekkit specific guide/ tutorial for how to do this? I could not find one on the forums.

Are there any requirements that the mod must meet (other than being compatible with mc 1.1)?

Where do the files for new mods go? I have tried following mod specific install instructions (placing the zip in the mods folder and adding the mod to modloader, but i think i did it incorrectly) I tried installing BC-IC2 CROSSOVER mod for the server, but i couldnt get it going.

Also i noticed that there is an update for computer craft. How do i go about updating it?

Will updating it on the server update it for connected clients or must they install it themselves?

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In the case of Computercraft download the 1.3 r5 Version from


and put it into the mod folder in your Server you don`t need to update the client Version.

This worked perfectly thanks!

I made a guide for adding modular force fields. http://forums.technicpack.net/index.php/topic,4473.msg27275.html#msg27275

Also worked! thank you very much! now to try out more mods :)

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