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Manipulator with Smelting Factory?


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I've powered a manipulator the way it should be, hooked it up to a furnace and it works. But I'd rather use my smelting factory, and I can't seem to get it to work no matter which side I use as input. I'm guessing they aren't actually compatible (which is a little disappointing considering it's supposed to be a modpack where everything works with everything else [ok, maybe not quite but you get the idea], though I do understand Voltz is new and so there will be bugs/unforseen stuffs).

If it makes any difference, I do have Buildcraft installed over the top (but let's face it, conveyor belts are cooler than pipes).

So my question is, am I doing it wrong or is there an alternative or workaround? Basically, can I make this work?

I'm not using the pipes.

Thanks for any responses.

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