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How to turn single player creative tekkit lite world into multiplayer survival server?

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If you're hosting from your computer, aside from the knowledge needed to set one up, you'd need to copy the world folder from your SSP world into the main folder of your server (with the /bin and /mods folders) and just make sure the server loads that as the default world, which is easily done by labeling it "world" when copying it to your server.

It's essentially the exact same thing if you're using an external host, but you'd need to upload your SSP world to the server's FTP. If you're using default configs that came with Tekkit Lite, then there's no need to worry, but if you've made any changes I would suggest copying the configs from /roaming/.techniclauncher/tekkitlite/config into your server to make sure your server's using the same IDs used in your SSP world.

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