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Tekkit Lite White and Hello Screen


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I have been recently trying to get onto tekkit lite and for some odd reason there is the this random white and hello screen that pop up and then the hello box disappears. The all of a sudden the main screen just doesn't even load and sits there. I was wondering what the problem could be and/or how to fix it.

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That hello screen is FML loading. It's surprisingly quick with the Technic Launcher and seems as though it just pops up and disappears. Sometimes Minecraft takes a little to load and will hang on a white screen for some time after the hello window (Approx. 1 minute or more occassionally, depending on a few things) and will even go as far to say "Not Responding" should you attempt to move the window or interact with the white screen. Anyways, tough it out until it loads or your client specifically states "Minecraft has crashed!" at which point you should locate the crash-report that'll generate in your tekkitlite folder (AppData/roaming/.techniclauncher/tekkitlite/crash-reports), copy it to pastebin.com and link to that pastebin here. Fyi for next time, there's a bugs section found:


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