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Dynmap for Tekkit-Lite


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I know some folks have already "found" it, but Dynmap has been supporting Forge for a couple of months now - see http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1543523-dynmap-dynamic-web-based-maps-for-minecraft/ for details.

I've just added 'Tekkit-Lite' to my test matrix, so I'll be considering it 'formally supported' as of the next recommended/stable release (1.4 GA). For now, the 1.4-alpha-3 for Forge v6.5.0+ is what I'll be testing with, so that is what I'd recommend folks use (versus trying to use the Bukkit version with BukkitForge). Nothing against BukkitForge, its just that its the 'odd man out' here: I'll need to support folks that don't use it (since it isn't required), and I still will be supporting other 'normal' Forge-based configurations (both modpacks like FTB and Tekkit-Lite, and custom mashups), so supporting a 'faux-Bukkit' on a platform that I already need to support via Forge directly is just kind of silly. If you want to use the Bukkit version on Tekkit-Lite, feel free - I just cannot promise that it will work, nor that problems associated with it will receive much priority.

In any case, on the mod packs I seek to specifically support (which, at present, are the Direwolf20 and MindCrack packs on FTB, Tekkit-Lite, and the specific mod configurations on a couple of long term server partners that have helped my testing efforts for quite some time), I will make a point at attempting to prioritize support for the mods that are part of those packs (basically, to try to make sure that the resulting maps on those mod packs, if not perfect, are as complete as possible - particularly with regard to terrain-oriented blocks and common building/decorating materials).

If you have issues, or specific requests for mod support, please open tickets at https://github.com/webbukkit/dynmap/issues (check existing issues first, please). If you need help, I strongly suggest the main thread (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1543523-dynmap-dynamic-web-based-maps-for-minecraft/) and our wiki (https://github.com/webbukkit/dynmap/wiki). I'll watch this thread from time to time, but with the number of platforms and packs I'm currently supporting, I cannot promise a timely response anywhere besides the main thread. I'm also on #dynmap at irc.esper.net.

Also, for folks on Tekkit 3.1.3 - the existing Bukkit version SHOULD still be working and supported. I've made efforts to not break v1.2.5 thus far, and expect the v1.4 release to still work with it. That said, I will likely be "sunsetting" support for pre-v1.4.x versions in the not-too-distant future (possibly as early as Dynmap v1.5).

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