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Minecraft Failed to Start


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have you tried the solution that is written on the top of this page?

To all MAC users, good news! You may have encountered an issue while trying to download Voltz, Technic dev builds, or the new Tekkit Lite Pack. You would either get to a screen that says "Hello" and download would fail, or it would fail instantly in the case of Lite. After much work looking into the problem we determined it was related to macs and running FML. We were able to come up with a solution and it is now available.

FOR EVERYONE USING A MAC. Please back up your saves and texture packs and DELETE YOUR TECHNICLAUNCHER folder. For mac users that folder is located here: Users/"User Name"/Library/Application Support/techniclauncher

If you have any other trouble doing this, more information is available in the common problems and solutions threads or other places on the forums.

Next you'll want to go to www.technicpack.net and redownload the launcher. DO NOT use the .exe version, it will not work for mac users obviously. If you have deleted your .techniclauncher folder, running the newly downloaded .jar will put a fresh folder in its place.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now able to play everything! If you have any further issues, they are with your computer. The community can trouble shoot your computers settings to make sure you have things properly set up on your end such as java. Thank you to all mac users who have helped solve the issue by posting logs and submitting proper bug reports.

-Much love from the Technic Team

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On mac, you can also try making a

 program to open the technic launcher properly. It turns out that the crashing thing is caused by using a wrong java version. In the 
 program, type in:

export JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6/Home

java -jar ~/Desktop/technic-launcher.jar

You can just change the 
 part at the end to what ever the location of your 

Then just run the 

script, and the technic launcher should not crash

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