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[Reccomended]Electri-Craft[PvP/Raid][NO whitelist!][No mods removed!]We have Bukkit!!!


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Welcome to Electricraft, a raid server made for people who want a challenge!

In Electricraft, it's a dog-eat-dog world, and it's up to you to survive!

Do you build deep underground to avoid human contact? Do you steal and live a nomadic lifestyle?

Do you build a fortress and defend against invaders? A modest village where you get by on paying tribute to the warlords?

Or do you fight for your survival? Learn to use machines and weapons to protect, defend, or assist yourself in your endeavors.

Form teams, villages, kingdoms, and corporations!

Our dedicated, mature, and experienced team of admins will always be helpful and fair when settling disputes.

Pick your playstyle, and come survive with us!


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