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Voltz problems for PC?


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Im a proud owner of a PC, I just started the technich launcher, Then i saw that u guys added a mod called "Voltz", I uppdated it, Clicked "login", It started to start as normaly,But then it said

"Hello" on a screen for about 3 seconds.

I thought like "wtf"?

Then the screen was white with the java mark in the top left corner,to the right of it was sayind "Voltz"

I let it stay like that for about 10 mins, But then i felt, There is something wrong, So i wrote this

If anyvone has any tips on how to fix this, Please telll me!

Also im a PC not mac user

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I have a solution that may work. Delete the voltz folder as well as the launcher folder. I redownloaded the launcher and now Voltz works fine for now. Hope this fixes you issue. :]

It only worked once. And since I don't feel like starting over each time I boot up my computer I am still looking for an answer.

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