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Blood, Sweat and Minecraft, a quality Let's Play...


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i hope

under the influence of a one Jesse Cox, i'm here to advertise like a shameless... harlot...

The Minecraft (and Tekkit) Let's play is something very well done by now, but i hope that by being consistent in uploads and their quality, i can break into it and hopefully gain some momentum, I'll post each new video, which i'm looking to put out bi-daily, that's one every other day, but sometimes it'll be more close to one per day or sometimes slower, my life doesn't stay so constant, I'm still new to this but i've got off on the right foot in my opinion, good audio quality, very good video quality, i record at 120fps in 720p, youtube only displays at 30fps and compresses HD to heck but none the less it looks and sounds pretty good, i've been told that i have a good and not particularly annoying voice, that is of course very much subject to your own opinion, which is why i'd like to ask for your opinion, feel free to leave a comment here or on the video, i'll try to respond to either and am equally thankful.

I'm doing a Voltz series too now, it won't affect the upload rate of tekkitlite, since they'll both be daily, that's the plan anyway...

most recent Tekkitlite episode (20)

most recent Voltz episode (4)

If you like what you see, share me with your friends, it's the only way i'm going to grow at any notable pace in this "environment" as it were... like, you know that big skype conversation that you don't really often speak in, but you know is pretty active, just pop me in there... do it for grandma

P.s if there's an embed code that i'm missing somewhere, let me know

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