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Welcome to Forgecraft Tekkit's Thread.



What some people have said about Forgecraft...

The Server is EPIC! Every other tekkit server I go on bans everything! Forgecraft is brilliant! - porkiepie9

This server has great staff (That are active) and a great community. Plus, spawn is amazing - Michael Molina

Nice server, played an hour with my friends and it is really good so far -TacosAreYum

The best tekkit server ever, and I am not joking. Good staff, and the best community what else do you need to make the server better - SNGR3cK

Note:We have upgraded our server to provide more memory to enhance the tekkit experience provided on thisserver, as well as providing a new sub-domain for easier access to the server.

Our dedicated IP Address is located below.

Copy IP: Play.Forgecraft-Tech.com


Welcome to ForgeCraft Tekkit Servers.

This server is hosted with 24 GB DDR3 Ram, which offers 20 Ticks Per Second (NoLag) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We have a record 99.89% uptime.

Server Specs:

Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quadcore

incl. Hyper-Threading Technology


Hard disks2 x 750 GB SATA 3 Gb/s HDD

7200 rpm (Software-RAID 1)

NIC1 Gbit OnBoard

connected at 100 Mbit

100 GB Backup Space

Unlimited Traffic


Breaking these rules will result in a Jail / Tempban according to the offense committed.

  1. No Duplicating Items.
  2. Listen to Staff Members.
  3. Do not abuse tekkit glitches.
  4. Do not spam chat.
  5. Do not use hacked or modified clients. This includes X-Ray, Forcefield, et cetera.
  6. Be respectful to all players online.


We are a private server owned by a series of great people. This server currently offers a great tekkit experience, with Raid / PVP / Factions. We have a great player community, and an even better spawn.


  1. ITNT, Nukes, Nova's
  2. Red / Dark Matter Hammer
  3. Red Matter Katar
  4. Chunk Loaders
  5. Gem Armor
  6. Mining Turtle (Not Regular turtle)
  7. Mining Laser
  8. Tank Cart
  9. Red Matter Morning Star
  10. Balkons Weapon Mod
  11. Blaze Rods
  12. Chest Upgrades
  13. Dynamite
  14. Evertide amulet
  15. Mercurial Eye

Server Website:



Plugins we offer:





Mob Arena








That is only a list of our main plugins, we have 57 individual plugins installed on the server.

This server is hosted 24/7, by a professional host, which means we need donations to bring these tekkit experiences too you. The good thing about that, is we offer a unique donation system with a series of cheap, and more expensive ranks. We have a plugin called Buycraft which will allow you to receive those items immediately too.

Donation Link:


As you know in real life, a small buisnes dedicates its time to making the community better, and providing better products and servies for its customers. That prospect applies to more than just physical buildings. At Forgecraft we have the ability to forward our effort and time to enhance the players idea of Tekkit, because we have no other obligations. Think about the idea that when you join a large server none of the staff teams effort will be able to contribute to specifically your opinion of tekkit, but we provide a desirable ratio of Staff to players to ensure that you can have the best experience possible.

We at Forgecraft try to provide a ratio of staff to players to ensure that we have staff members on in all timezones, so that the scum of servers do not get to take away from your experience.

If you have any questions, contact the Head Admin team, on Skype, Teamspeak, or Email.




We offer a TeamSpeak server, professionally hosted.

TeamSpeak Server IP: Forgecraft-Tech.Teamspeak3.com


I hope you enjoy the experience you have on this server, as our staff will do the best possible to ensure that you do.



This is a picture of Spawn, it is what you will see when you first come online. Right click the sign right infront of you to go to a build area!


This is a picture of our Adminshop, and tutorial area. We offer great items for sale. /Warp Adminshop


This is a picture of our Adminshop, we sell tons of items, including machines, Vanilla items and more. The warp is /warp Adminshop

I hope you enjoyed looking at this thread. I hope to see you online!

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Any news on the thread being accepted/denied, or anything i can work on to improve my chances off an acceptance?

Have patience - as you would know from reading the server posting guidelines thread, sometimes it takes a couple days. Also, not signing your posts would be a good start.

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Thank you for all the support.

Our banner contest has finished, and the grand winner is Army_Pig. The 2nd place winner is ElliotTheGreek, and 3rd place is JuniorVb.

Come in game to claim your prizes!

Winning Banner:


Our 2nd Place banner is:


We will be posting the 3rd place banner soon.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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