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Trouble with server after crash


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Hi all - I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. I tried to 'Ask a question' but don't seem to have permission.

I've been happily running a server on and off on my desktop box for nearly a month now - it started as a Tekkit server ('Tekkit Classic') and I've since succesfully converted to Tekkit Lite (using the stickied instructions here).

However, playing just now and my computer crashed (which runs both the server and client). I started my PC again and launched the server, then connected. I was back at the spawn with none of my possessions (a set of nano armour and a nano sabre- no great loss), but otherwise the world seemed unaffected [i haven't been able to check the other players yet].

The server seems stable enough until I log in (causing chunks to become active?) where the server freaks out, repeating errors similar to this one (http://pastebin.com/GpB3eTZL) hundreds of times a second. I seem to be able to play OK although there are occasional errors in game (buttons remain pressed, for instance) which I haven't encountered before.

A note regarding the error above - in this instance it says "Creeper" but if I were to log out and log back in, it may say some other mob or even a "Bat" etc.

I am hoping someone can shed some light on the situation.

Cheers, Zend3r

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