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Need help with PermBukkit etc..


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So i have recently started up a server and i am having dificulties configuring groups and general permissions.

My problem is i have looked through lots of wiki's made by the plug in owners and there just a load of waffle that doesn't make sense.

Could someone point me in thr right direction to setting up permissions depending on group, and how to restrict certain features to higher groups. I also need help with setting prefixes for the chat.

Note: I currently use ClanForge by Multiplay to modify any server files.

It is a Tekkit Server.

I will list my current plug-ins below so you can refer to them in replies.

- AutoMessage

- Commandbook

- Essentials Chat

- Essentials Group Manager

- Lockette

- PermissionsBukkit

- World Edit

- World Guard

Thank you for your time.

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