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Voltz pack Lets play series by Shredgaming

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Hey guys whats up. My names Paul I'm the creator and director of Shred Gaming a new channel on youtube. You may be wondering why were calling our selves Shred gaming network well that's because we want to have more than one or two people on the channel and we want different programming like lets play single and multiplayer, news, funny skits, and different shows much like the smoshgaming channel.

Here's the link to our channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/Shredgamingnetwork) If you like any of the videos (minecraft only videos at the moment) please like and subscribe and share it around. Thanks.

P.S. We hope that you understand that the series is just starting so its not gonna be the cool rocket powered stuff and were just starting so please leave us constructive criticism.

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