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Can't get RAILCRAFT items to work/craft/place/use (Mod not loading?)

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I currently run a small Tekkit classic (3.1.2) server for a few of my friends after a friend shut his 3.1.2 server down. Ever since moving to my server (about 2 months), everything has worked fine except RAILCRAFT. If you try to craft a recipe it crashes the local users Tekkit (server keeps running fine), even if you try to give yourself the Railcraft material/item via TMI it still crashes the local user's Tekkit.

Server Startup Log: http://pastebin.com/wMmWjuNC

(it was toooooo god awful long to post on here, no one would have read my whole post, lol)

Here's what my Minecraft > Mods folder looks like


I looked through the server startup log, but the only item conflict(s) I found was with ccSensors with itself, nothing else. Anyone have a suggested thing I should be looking for or a config file I should replace?

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