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Minecraft Tekkit!! w/ Metho & Joel - JTCGAMING!


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Hey guys what's going on, it's JTCGaming here, and today! I'm gonna be making a freakin thread of threadiness.

I make let's plays, most of the time with my friends, and I love doing it! The one problem is that I don't get that many views! I thought seeing as this is a Tekkit forum, I would try and get myself out there! So, I'm gonna start with my first Tekkit video ever, one I started with my friend Metho.

We played for hours on end, and then eventually we added in my friend Joel!

We have heaps of fun and I'd love for all you Tekkit fans to check me out and subscribe if you like what you see!! I'll put the link to my channel and the playlist below!

Hopefully I'll find some cool new people that can watch my videos!


- JTCGaming (Josh)


(Leave a reply on the thread if you'd like! <3)

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