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[3.1.3] Corporation Craft [No PvP] [200 Slots] [iConony, Outpost plugin]


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(We are currently using the 3.1.3 development Tekkit build...make sure to update before you join!)

Server IP : cc.corporationcraft.com - There is no whitelist on our server. Any player can join for free and begin building immediately! After you get a good handle on the commands, you can also begin speaking globally with other players by prefixing your chat with an exclamation point. If you do not do so, you will only be speaking locally. We have this feature to ensure that our chat doesn't get too spammy.

Teamspeak IP : cc.corporationcraft.com - Players may also join and speak to each-other and our staff on our teamspeak server. This is an excellent place to plan projects, join the community, and maybe join up with some new friends. If you do not see any staff in the main channels, we are still around! Simply "poke" us to get our attention! If you would like to download teamspeak, you can do so for free right here.


When it comes to choice in Tekkit servers, there are many choices. Most people base their decisions on :

Quality of Staff - Our staff is a dedicated team of about ten people. We range in timezones, so there is rarely a time when someone is not available. One of the most frustrating happenings on a server is needing help when none is available and we believe we come out on top, here. Our staff loves our server and actively work to enrich our players' experience as best we can.

Set of Plugins - We are always on the lookout for additions to our plugin stock. With that in mind, we also thoroughly test the stability and quality of plugins before incorporating them. We developed our own plugin set known as the outpost system, as well. You will not find another server with such a unique setup.

Rules - Since this is a Tekkit server, we've obviously come to realize many items are dangerous to the server's well-being. For this reason, we've banned several items, most of which will harm the server in one way or another if we let them roam free. We do tolerate expression of oneself, but we definitely do not allow any sort of racism, sexism, or anything else that would make your mother cry and your father lay you out. If you wouldn't say it in real life without fear of reprisal, then don't bring it to us. We also do not allow hacks or exploits, and are quite fast to ban those abusing such things.

Hardware/Lag - Such things are simply not a problem with our setup.

Playerbase - Our playerbase fluctuates but is definitely growing. We have active people ready and willing to help out the new folks, but also have knobs who will try to clobber you. Such is life. You can expect fast friends and fast enemies here, as people are constantly trying to be the best Tekkit-eer around.


We can easily handle about four-hundred people, lag-free. Our hardware is hosted in Jacksonville, FL in a world-class datacenter. While this isn't cheap, quality of a server directly reflects on the quality of their hardware and connection.

(Will post server specs here in a bit)


Our pride and joy is our outpost land system. Players are able to buy their own land plot, as well as expand it to their hearts content. They can invite friends, add greetings, and even purchase upgraded protections to it. These protections include all sorts of goodies that can help keep the bad guys out, and the good guys on top. Upgrades are available based on the current size of the outpost and the number of members present. In the event that players wish to move, they can always sell their outpost to the server or any players they wish!

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