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[0.5.2]S|2 tekkit lite[PVP/PVE][NO whitelist]


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host name: Weglowski

Admins: Weglowski, Bluetrigger , S|2randomcommander

Server ip:


1.no greyfing if you do you will be banned

2. be respectfull of other people and there builds

3. HAVE FUN !!

banned items: world anchors

We do back up the server at least three times a day. admins are very careing if anyone needs help with building or anything we are glad to do so. if you have any quiestions please ask.

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After a server restart i lost several items, ive been talking to a Admin, his name was BigJohn66. In anyway he could he did all to troll, not helping out in anyway. Since he is not on the admit list i supose he might be some friend of you other admins, but i wish one of you admins could contact me ingame or so to help me out. Ingame nick is :Wadup94.

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