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Tekkit lite 0.5.1 Bomb lite! [PvP][20 slots][Public][No mods removed!]


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Welcome to bomblite details below!

Server ip:bomblite13.no-ip.org

Server rules

No griefing

No destroying blocks from spawn!

No backchat to admins!

Don't ask for Admin or creative!

Banned items:

None! All the items are avalible yet if you a using a nuke you must put it

1000 blocks away from spawn!


There are no plugins yet there is command blocks (vinilla! XD)

I thought it was a good idear to start a server as i could never find a desent one! XD

Monday-Friday: 5:00-8:00

Weekends: 5:00-9:00

We have friendly admins and a loverly community Please join if you are a ongowing

Friendly player! :D


Admins: TheRandomGuy379 and Blickster53

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