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ForceFields will not work correctly.


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Hi guys,

Made this account in a desperate bid to get some help to try and make my forcefields work correctly.

I have a facility I am trying to build at the bottom of a water based map. to do so I plan on utilising Forcefields. I have a single Core fed by an EU injector being supplied from power from 6 Generators powering a MFSU. The Generators are being fed by infinite coal (EU Collectors/Relay/Alchemical Chest)



The core is feeding 1 MFFS Area Projector with a Forcefield Dome Upgrade & 4 ForceField Directional Projectors each with 2 MFFS Directional Extenders on either side All of the ForceField projectors have a camouflage upgrade with the core having 3 Storage upgrades.

All the units Receive power, all the units state that they are not linked even though they are.


However when switched on only 2 fields activate The Dome and one of the directional projectors.


Hopefully you can see the change in colour on this image where the Forcefield stops, it should continue round but as you can see the right hand side seems to be the only working field.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

P.S. Sorry about the Texture Pack but I am also having a problem with my Sphax PureBDCraft 128 TP (Yes that's 128!)

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Also your problem might be that they are not getting a redstone signal to turn them on.

Edit: Every projector need a redstone current in order to work.

I have the switch on the Core, the core sits 1 block away from the 4 Directional projectors (N, S, E & W) and the Dome Projector sits on top of the core. The area and the directional projector closest to the switch work so yes it may need a Read Stone current to make it work I will try and see if that is the case.

I also had another incident when the dome upgrade stopped working and turned my area projector into a sphere, luckily I was able to turn the power off to it or else all my hard work would have been in vain. Has anyone heard of this before?

I have so many forcefields because I am covering a large area!

I am of course making an underwater base :D

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