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Quick query - removing the display of EMC value/item ID from inventory items


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What it says on the tin. Just updated our server to 3.1.2 from 3.0.4 Discovered the info spam on the inventory items, of data which we neither make use of nor desire to have clogging our GUI. Any recommendations on a quick fix?

*Edit* Figured out how to tweak NEI to remove the item IDs but still getting EMC values...

*Edit 2* Guessing it's somewhere in the EE2 NEI tooltip helper yes?

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Running a stable 3.1.2 server, downgraded EE to 3.0.3 to fix EMC values showing (We don't use EE)

Downgraded IC2 to 3.0.3 to accomodate for UU matter recipes in Crafting Table III and removed Balkon's weapons mod because, eh.

Next step is to offer my girlfriend copious amounts of sexual favours in return for getting Mystcraft running.

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