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Keith's Nuclear Test Server


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In a flash of a second, there was a boom, a bang, and a high pitched nuclear sound, my first Voltz server was invented, and it was my first time launching a nuclear bomb.

What is this server?

This is my first Voltz server, with a lot of new stuff, like a new world, a new rail system, and a HUGE mining area. The mining area is open to public, with a rail system, where players can go to the rocket launching area.

Do you pay for the server to be hosted, or did you set it up yourself?

I made this server myself, with no help, and I also portforwarded and, I made some adjustments, to make the server better, including a HUGE mining area, and a load of hazmat suits, with a ton of rocket launchers.

What are the rules?

You can launch nukes, just not 1% close to the spawn, they have to be REALLY far away because we don't want the rail system/village to be griefed (this applies to other bombs).

Don't spam admins, of course you should know this rule!

How many admins are there?

Tons, trust me.

IP is: nucleartests.zapto.org

Have fun ;D

Also, no griefing players, this will result in a 40 minute ban.

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