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HELP me pls :(


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Hello people,

I have a problem, I have started a server and get now all 3 seconds the announcement: [WARNING] Error loading Railcraft Saving Data: Need in format GZIP.

And the World Anchor does not work...


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Hold it in your hand and right-click man! Did you even try it?

Ok I'm a total noob at this kind of stuff. There appear to be 2 types of wrenchs. One is gray and one is orange. First. Which one do I use? Second. What do I right click.(I'm using wooden and stone pipes incase that means anything.)

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OK, you want the gray one. It is for rotating BuildCraft machines/pipes.

I re-read your first post, a wrench isn't what you want in this case but you will probably want it later. It sounds like you connected the pipe to the side of the furnace.

I don't know how much you know but wooden pipes are for taking items out of machines/chests. You can use any kind of pipe (maybe not obsidian?) to put items into machines/chests. Below is a picture that may help. Stone transport pipes are on the top and bottom, wood on the right.


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