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[1.3.2]Tekkit Militia Craft[PvE & PvP][100Slots][Factions, MultiWorld][Sexii and Smooth-24/7]


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We are a new server looking for some new members to join Us!

If you would Like to Join Here is the IP::


We Run 24/7 With Scheduled 2 Hour Restarts!

Forums:: www.militiacraft.forumotion.com




-MultiWorld Spawn, Peaceful, Build

-No PVP or Griefing in the Peaceful World

-Everything Goes in the Build World.

-- Drop Parties Every Friday!


1. No Spamming

2. No Attempting To Dupe

3. No Hacking/ Hacked Clients

4. Don't Rage At Staff

5. No Asking Staff For Items / Staff Ranks

6. Don't Complain when Killed in PVP Battles

7. No Spawn Killing

8. No PVP Logging

9. Keep your Timers Above .2 Secs, They will be removed Otherwise.

10. No Griefing in Peaceful World, Insta-Ban Punishment.

(These Are So Cliche)


1. RM and Quantum Armor (Except For Donators)

2. All Turtles (Protected Grief)

3. All Amulets (Protected Grief)

4. Rings: Black Hole, Void, Zero, Ignition, Arcana (Duping, and Protected Grief)

5. Cannons (Protected Grief)

6. All Dynamite and Nukes (Nukes are Temp Banned, 'Till I Nerf Them)

7. Watch of Flowing Time (Why do you need this?)

8. Mecurial Eye

9. Tunnel Bore (Protected Grief)

10. Teleport Pipes and Tele Tethers (Lag Reduction)

11. DM Pedestal (Lag Machine)

12. All Anchors (Speaks For Itself)


1. The Obvious (Essentials, Factions, World Border, PEX)

2. Spigot :D

3. Tekkit Restrict ( It Works!)

4. Command Signs

5. A Working Votifier/Listener (1 Red Matter Per Vote on 4 Sites)

6. CoreInspect (Again, NO GRIEFING IN PEACEFUL)

7. Adding A Mob Arena...


6G of RAM and CPU

FORUMS: http://militiacraft.forumotion.com/

LOADS of Things for Donators.

Message me to Find out. (Long List)


Becoming A moderator:

All Info is on our Forums! :D


Becoming An Admin:

Talk to me when you've become a Mod ^_^


Have any Suggestions?

Feel Free to Post On The Forums, Or Shoot me a message x:D -In the face.






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I'm trying to connect to the server but I keep getting an end of stream error. It's odd because I load half the spawn and see people moving around and talking but I'm unable to talk or move far without falling through the world...

I'm getting an Norton warning that I'm unable to turn off.

Any idea how to allow the server to connect to my PC through Norton? :\

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