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How Do you change the language for Redpower computers in tekkit


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hi guys me and my friend were playing tekkit and we thought it would be a good ideato try and automate most of the stuff we do with computers

now first of yes we did try computer craft, but that was just stupid and buggy, but then we moved onto redpower computers and after a day or so of gathering resources we have what we need and the setup works.

now Forth is a confusing language and i found a tutorial on how to change the language to MS BASIC.

the problem was is that i think that the tutorial was for standalone redpower and so i cant do it the way it tells me...

if you guys can help that would be really appreciated. the link to the tutorial is here http://ibm5100.net/redpower/basic/

ps. i was thinking if the host has to do it the way shown on the tutorial.

cheers for reading guys

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