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[1.0.8]Group 59 Voltz Public Server[PvP/Raiding][20 Slots][No Whitelist][No Mods Removed]


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Welcome to the Group 59 Voltz Public Server!



1) Respect Admins and other Players

2) No Red Matter or Anti-Matter Allowed

3) No hacked clients

4) Trading is allowed

5) Don't ask staff to give items

6) Don't grief or missile/bomb spawn

7) Do not bomb the Administration building

Me and my friends were struggling to find a server that was right for us, so we decided to open our own server!

The server will not be 24/7 unfortunately because of some reasons, it will mainly a weekend server, but i will put it up for as much time as i can.

we want people who are friendly and want to have a good time on Voltz.

A picture of spawn from the entrance/exit


Hope to see you on, Have Fun!

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