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Tekkit 3.1.2 with Factions Help!


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The problem here is that tekkit (3.1.2, 1.2.5) comes preloaded as craftbukkit 1.2.5 R5, whereas Factions only has a 1.2.5 R1, R1.2, and R4 version.

I tried this:

1. Download craftbukkit 1.2.5 R4, and put that in the server folder.

2. Download tekkit, and put everything BUT the tekkit.jar into the server folder.

3. Launch server, everything works fine... but non-vanilla items aren't getting recognized. (the message you get in game when trying to take a non-vanilla item with NEI is 'There's no item called [item ID]')

Is there a way to get Tekkit (3.1.2) working with Factions (if a new version of craftbukkit is used, 1.2.5 R4 is preferable)?

Also, if anyone else out there knows enjin well enough... we have to use the older version, 2.4.0 to use it with tekkit, but problem is that whenever we a) restart, B) crash, the plugin stops working altogether, and requires a re-install.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Sincerely, Xapien

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