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Tekkit Tutorials and lets Build


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Hey there folks, Bill here and this is my channel.

Now the plans are to do Tutorials on machine setups which are given to me by the viewers (aka you) while i will be doing a lets build series which focuses not so much on the buildings (I am a terrible builder) but more or so on what machines/ contraptions i can fill it up with, Now onto the Videos.

Here is a request i did for a friendly fellow who wanted a automated overclocker producer.

Plus a solar factory which i thought people might enjoy.

And lets not forget Part 1 of my lets Build a factory, aka where all my tutorials will be built in.

Now i do have a few other videos which are maybe not so interesting but i believe still to be useful,such as a BC Pipe or Pipes Tutorial.

So all in all i would love it if you fellas could check it out and leave a few comments whether its criticism, suggestions or even some requests for some automated setups i would very much so appreciate the feed back.

or even some likes if its not to much trouble

Oh and a side note if you are a fan of LOL (league of legends) there is some of that in there as well.


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Hey there folks

I have uploaded a few more videos such as the beginning of my lets build a factory series which does include tutorial such as a red power lift and Combustion/ refinery setup tutorial.

So here will be all my latest videos and i currently have one uploading right now which is the red power lift, enjoy

Part 2

And part 3

Now there will be some more videos uploaded soon, so keep checking back =)

As usual i am still taking requests, hopefully in the next few days i will be filling one of them. A HV solar factory.


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