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Looking for Info on further updates.

Tye Rowan

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Looking for any info on if /when there will be further updates for "Tekkit: Classic".

A Friend of mine currently has a "Tekkit Server" running on its own gaming PC built just for it.

We have around 5-15 on and off players most nights.

I've been playing this game and have put a good 100 hours+ into it since i heard about it.

I'm very interested into see of more Mods will be implemented later on ?

If it will catch up to the current "MineCraft 1.4.5ish" ?

If a Create Local option will be available in the future ?

And if theres a chance of the Mods / Extra Mobs and Wild life environment coming to "Tekkit" from "Technic" for a Multiplayer experience ?

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This is what they posted on Facebook, on Jan 16:

We're currently working with the fine people at MinecraftPortCentral to come up with a solution to making current versions of Forge and Bukkit work together. There are some really interesting projects that are coming to fruition so we'll hopefully have some good news in the near future.
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